Wednesday, February 11, 2015

One-on-One with GM poke_man

We went one-on-one with the general manager of the season 2 World Series champion New York Knockers, poke_man. Here's what he had to say:

Describe what it feels like to take home your first World Series title in HBD?
After getting a 6 seed I was a little surprised. Especially how well I did in the first three rounds.

Was there a specific move or series of moves last season that you think had a direct impact in leading you to the title?
I didn't mess with the team factoganize put together. I actually only carried a 25 man roster through the playoffs.

You've made some changes to your pitching staff this offseason, specifically subtracting Jin-Che Katou and adding Jesse Stone and Rafael Cruz. Tell us how you see your rotation and bullpen shaking out.
We will have the same starting rotation minus Katou. Percival or Stone will slide into his spot. Palmeiro will remain our first choice out of the bullpen. We will ride him for as many innings as possible. Cruz will be a nice addition to the bullpen. I would have liked to have Katou but I got distracted in RL during resigning and lost him.

Do you foresee any of your prospects coming up and making an impact on your major league team this season?
Nope. Cupboard is pretty bare.

What would need to happen for your team to repeat as World Series champions in season 3?
This is baseball. The commish is trying to get a divisional opponent to jinx himself. With that being said , we have 25 major league type guys in the organization. I would like to get into the playoffs with these same 25 guys.

Lastly, if you were calling plays for the Seattle Seahawks offense during the Super Bowl, what would you have done on that final set of downs?
I would have done the same thing they did. But, I would have told my defense to not jump offside after the turnover and went for a safety. This way poke_man would have won his Superbowl square. I just needed Seattle to score a safety. I thought I had it.

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