Thursday, August 7, 2014

35 Games Into Season 1

Notes Taken after game 35: 

  • The Cincinnati Reds (AL) are an insane 31 and 4.  If you extrapolated that out over 162 games played, they will have won 143 of them.
  • As if that wasn't bad enough, the Syracuse Squires (NL) are right behind them at 29-6 (~134 games won out of 162).  Has the World Series picture already been painted?
  • Robinson Reynolds from Cincinnati is leading the league in homeruns (18), SLG Pct (.828), and OPS (1.283).
  • The Montgomery Rayados (13-22) have one bright light, Arlie Nichols is on an impressive 21-game hit streak and counting.
  • Willie Pineda of the Salem Sacrifices (NL) is leading the league in wins (6), ERA (1.04), WHIP (0.75), OAV (.139), and 9th in strikeouts (45).
  • Harold O'Shea is leading the league in (+) plus plays with 10.  He plays for the Iowa City Janitors (AL) in CF.
  • Only 5 teams in the league have a team OPS over .800.  Portland Open-Mics (.807), Scottsdale Scorpions (.813), Syracuse Squires (.837), Houston Colt .45s (.866), and the Cincinnati Reds are at the top (.911).
  • The Syracuse Squires are the only sub-3 ERA team in the league at an incredible 2.42 earned runs per 9 innings.
  • Only 1 team, Albaquerque Isodopes (6-29), have a win pct (.171) below the 50-game Min Win Requirement. 

Ivan Javier Jacks Four

In yesterday's (8.6.14) PM game, The Houston Colt .45s demolished the depleted bullpen of the New York Greys in a 28-4 rout.  Although some of the carnage came against tired pitchers, the Colt .45s had their way with the Greys' first 4 pitchers.  Ivan Javier headlined the barrage going 6 for 7 with 6 runs scored, 9 RBIs, 4 homeruns, and 1 walk.  Karim Donald also added 2 homeruns of his own.  Through 25 games, Javier is leading the league in batting average (.380) and OBP (.485).  New York will be looking forward to their next off day and some much needed rest.