Thursday, August 7, 2014

35 Games Into Season 1

Notes Taken after game 35: 

  • The Cincinnati Reds (AL) are an insane 31 and 4.  If you extrapolated that out over 162 games played, they will have won 143 of them.
  • As if that wasn't bad enough, the Syracuse Squires (NL) are right behind them at 29-6 (~134 games won out of 162).  Has the World Series picture already been painted?
  • Robinson Reynolds from Cincinnati is leading the league in homeruns (18), SLG Pct (.828), and OPS (1.283).
  • The Montgomery Rayados (13-22) have one bright light, Arlie Nichols is on an impressive 21-game hit streak and counting.
  • Willie Pineda of the Salem Sacrifices (NL) is leading the league in wins (6), ERA (1.04), WHIP (0.75), OAV (.139), and 9th in strikeouts (45).
  • Harold O'Shea is leading the league in (+) plus plays with 10.  He plays for the Iowa City Janitors (AL) in CF.
  • Only 5 teams in the league have a team OPS over .800.  Portland Open-Mics (.807), Scottsdale Scorpions (.813), Syracuse Squires (.837), Houston Colt .45s (.866), and the Cincinnati Reds are at the top (.911).
  • The Syracuse Squires are the only sub-3 ERA team in the league at an incredible 2.42 earned runs per 9 innings.
  • Only 1 team, Albaquerque Isodopes (6-29), have a win pct (.171) below the 50-game Min Win Requirement. 

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